Squamish stewards of the forest: New doc spotlights Indigenous forestry workers

By Jennifer Thuncher
The Squamish Chief
May 24, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Explore the evolution of sustainable forestry practices through the lives of Indigenous families deeply rooted in the industry, as showcased in the documentary ‘Stewards of the Forest.’ “My dad was a boom man, my brother was a boom man, my uncle George was a boom man,” says Squamimsh’s Tom Harry, in the new Indigenous Resource Network documentary,”Stewards of the Forest: Indigenous Leadership in Forestry.” A “boom man” is a skilled worker who walks on the logs in the water and uses a pole to move them into a bundle. The 16-minute documentary, which is now available on YouTube, features many other locals who work in the forest industry, including Paul and Roger Lewis, Kayla Buckley, and Daniel Morckinson. Each local talks about their deep connection to the forest industry and the land. They also speak to the changes in the industry over time that have made it more environmentally sustainable. 

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