State finalizes deal for 20,000 acres of logging lands in southwest Washington

By Bill Lucia
Oregon Capital Chronicle
December 19, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Washington’s natural resources agency and a nonprofit group have finalized a $121 million purchase of about 20,000 acres of logging lands in the southwest corner of the state. The deal, which closed last Friday, is the state’s largest land acquisition in more than a decade, according to the Department of Natural Resources. The department revealed last month that it planned to buy about 9,115 acres of forestland in Wahkiakum County for $55 million that would be managed to generate revenue from timber harvests. …The deal is linked to an announcement Franz made on Monday, where she proposed that 2,000 acres of land in five counties be shifted out of the state’s timber portfolio and into conservation. With that change in status, the land would be protected and no longer open to industrial logging to generate revenue for the state.

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