State sold Yellowwood trees too cheap

Letter by Christine Linnemeier
Indianapolis Star
November 16, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

I am a partial owner of a woodlot in Washington County. While the state was auctioning off trees in the Yellowwood Back Country Area we were taking bids on a managed cut in our woodlot. I was shocked at the huge difference in what we were offered for our trees versus what the state was being offered for theirs. The state sold approximately 1,730 trees estimated to be 447,644 board feet for $108,785. We are selling 546 trees plus 229 culled trees estimated at 260,944 board feet for $158,600. The state sold their trees for 24 cents a board foot and ours are going for 60 cents a board foot. By the number of trees — the state is getting $62 a tree and we’re getting $290 ($204 with the culls.) The species of trees is similar.

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