Suburban bushland restored with 150 types of native trees by retired entomologist over 10 years

By Michelle Gately
ABC News, Australia
February 17, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Bob Newby

The land opposite Bob Newby’s house looks like any other slice of suburban bush.   But if you venture off the concrete footpath towards the creek, you’ll find some rustic tracks and dozens of trees in varying stages of growth.  “When I retired, I thought I needed to have something to keep myself occupied,” Mr Newby said.  “I had been watching for a long time the decrease in habitats, the falling levels of biodiversity.  But it was more than just planting some trees and now he’s a proud OGRE — that’s Old Guy Restoring Ecosystems.  Mr Newby’s career as an entomologist gave him a unique insight when it came to choosing species that would bring more birds, bugs and butterflies to his neighbourhood in north Rockhampton, central Queensland.  A decade later, the area has become a training ground for conservation students and an example of how communities can restore suburban bushland.

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