Summer Games: Paris 2024 unveils only purpose-built Olympics venue in city

The Associated Press in Business Standard
February 12, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

PARIS — Amid the buzz of anticipation for the 2024 Olympics, organizers and Paris City Hall officials inaugurated the first and only purpose-built site in the French capital for this summer’s Games. The Adidas Arena at Porte de la Chapelle is ready and “operational about five months before the Games begin, officials said. It is being touted as showcasing the city’s readiness and commitment to both the global sporting community and its residents. The facility, costing about $150 million and requiring 1,500 tons of steel, required organisers to secure materials from alternative sources amid supply issues caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Officials say it is also a symbol of the city’s desire to host a sustainable games, having been built with recycled materials and wood and featuring a green roof. …Other major construction work for 2024 includes the Olympic Village and the swimming pool, both north of the city.

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