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Evans Lake Forest Education Society
March 8, 2024
Category: Special Feature
Region: Canada, Canada West

Building on 60+ years of success, Evans Lake continues to innovate with our forest education experience, efforts to make our programs accessible and inclusive to an even wider community and communicating that experience back to families at home.  In the past several years, more than 80% of Evans Lake summer campers are “more interested in spending time in and learning about the outdoors/forests,” and feel that they “know more about forests and the outdoors” because of their experience. Over 6,000 children, teens, and people from groups attend the Evans Lake Forest Education camp each year.

The Evans Lake Forest Education Society will be holding its online silent auction on April 17th. to April 21st to raise money for our Campership and program initiatives. Over the past two years, our revamped Campership Program supported children from 49 families to attend our programs—funded by Evans Lake. Our Campership Program helps to give underprivileged children and youth this positive experience of attending our camp that they will hold onto for years to come!  It is all about INCLUSION!

“Many adults that I have talked to over the years have told me that going to the Evans Lake camp was a positive experience in their lives that they still remember,” said Brad Techy, a long time board member and volunteer.  

Check out the over 90 donations that we have had for you to bid on!  Visit our 32Auction site today. You can browse the items and sign up as well to bid on them starting April 17th.

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