Sustainability of forests top priority for Idaho

By Scott Bedke, lieutenant governor of Idaho
Idaho Business Review
March 14, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Scott Bedke

The Gem State is home to more than 21 million acres of dense and plentiful forests. They provide watersheds for drinking water and habitats for wildlife. …The sustainability of our forests needs to be a top priority for the state of Idaho, for both the longevity of our timber supply and the availability of quality jobs. …Our Idaho economy relies heavily on our forests… Sustainable harvesting, including selective logging, reforestation and habitat preservation, upholds a delicate social contract between industry and society. …The new Idaho LAUNCH Program is one helpful step. High school seniors can apply for a grant of up to $8,000 to use toward Idaho post-secondary education for an in-demand career. This means interested students can use LAUNCH to help them study for a degree or learn a trade that is needed in Idaho’s forest products sector. A true win-win for both future forestry professionals and the Gem State!

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