Sustainable Forestry Initiative Releases 2023 Progress Report

By Kathy Abusow ,President and CEO
Sustainable Forestry Initiative
December 14, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, United States

As 2023 comes to a close, hopeful describes how SFI embraces 2024. The importance of forests for people and the planet is clear, and SFI has established itself as a leader working to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaboration. People and organizations are seeking solutions that don’t just reduce negative impacts, but also ensure positive contributions to the long-term health of people and the planet. SFI-certified forests and products are powerful tools to achieve shared goals such as climate smart forestry, fire resilience, conservation of biodiversity, reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and growing a diverse and resilient workforce. …I am so excited to release the 2023 SFI Progress Report and share some of our shared successes thanks to our vast networks. In 2023, we took important steps in our sustainability journey, and I am pleased to share some of our highlights. I invite you to read PLT Canada’s 2023 Annual Report. 

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