Swift parrot ‘massacre’ looming as campaign starts to fund predator-proof nest boxes

By Peta Carlyon
ABC News, Australia
October 18, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Conservation scientists have launched an urgent crowd-funding campaign in a bid to stop what they’re calling a potential “parrot massacre” on Tasmania’s east coast. The one-week campaign will try …to build 100 solar-panelled gated nest boxes to protect the critically endangered swift parrots from hungry sugar gliders. …Dr Stojanovic said the crowd-funding protection measures were needed due to ongoing deforestation of the swift parrot habitat, by logging. Birdlife Tasmania’s Dr Eric Woehler said … “It’s a shocking indictment on the State Government when crowd funding is required to raise $40,000 for a critically-endangered species,” he said. While the Government had moved to halt logging on Bruny Island to protect the swift parrot habitat, Dr Woehler said he also had concerns about ongoing deforestation of the specie’s habitat in other parts of Tasmania. 

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