Teamsters Canada warns rail strike looms over pay, hours at CN, CPKC

By Noi Mahoney
Freight Waves
February 20, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

The union representing almost 9,300 workers at Canada’s two biggest rail operators says the railroads are pushing toward a work stoppage after negotiations have deadlocked over issues of working conditions and wage increases. “CN and CPKC aim to eliminate all safety-critical rest provisions from our collective agreements,” François Laporte, national president of Teamsters Canada, said. “These provisions are necessary to combat crew fatigue and ensure public safety. We want to reach a negotiated settlement, but their demands are non-starters.” CN and CKPC filed notices of dispute with the federal labor minister and requested the appointment of a conciliator for the bargaining process. The notice of dispute starts the clock on a possible strike or lockout, which could occur in 81 days, or early May. …The collective bargaining agreements between TCRC workers and CN and CPKC expired Dec. 31.

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