Tech and the Next Generation of Loggers

By Kenneth Craig
CBS News
October 6, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine — Some college students in Maine are stepping outside their classrooms and back into the woods. Following the footsteps of the forest workers before them, they’re among a new wave of loggers, who are trading in axes for high tech machines. In East Millinocket, Maine, industry leaders hope these graduates can return the logging industry to its glory days. “We are in beautiful downtown TA-R7,” says Donald Burr, the head coordinator of the Mechanized Logging Operators Programs. …The logging business today is a far cry from the lumberjacks of yesteryear, and it’s at a critical turning point. …Logging is now done with high-tech machinery and GPS systems. Which require extra training. …While it’s not what it used to be, logging is still a multi-billion dollar industry in Maine with a shortage of workers.

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