The future of fire is female

By Julianne Nikirk, Colville National Forest
US Department of Agriculture
January 5, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

McClane Moody came across a wildland firefighter training program specifically for women in Alpine, Arizona where she got a taste of the physical and mental challenges that come with being a wildland firefighter. And learned that she could do it. “I am definitely going to apply for a job in the field,” Moody said after completing the week-long intensive program that introduces wildland firefighting to women. With under 15% of wildland fire employees identifying as women, the Women in Wildfire Training Program aims to overcome barriers to equity that are still very much present in the industry. For participants, the intentional inclusion of women signals a “safe space” to learn and be among peers, encouraging people to explore a career in wildland fire management. In fact, many program participants would not have applied for the program if it was not geared specifically towards women.

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