The future of mass timber construction will depend on codes, costs, and climate change

By John Caulfield
Building Design + Construction
February 21, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

The owner/developer Hines stated that it had completed construction on a three-story, 92,000-sf office and residential building in East Austin, Texas. The building, known as T3 ATX Eastside, features mass timber as its primary construction material. It is one of 26 buildings in various stages of design, construction, or completion that subscribe to Hines’ T3 (shorthand for Timber, Transit, and Technology) concept, which the developer introduced in 2016 in the North Loop neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis. Hines currently has other T3s completed, or nearly so, in Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, and two buildings in Toronto. The East Austin building, with 15 corporate residential suites, is the first T3 to include housing. Mike Horvath explains that the decision to include residential in future T3s will boil down to whether the building can absorb the cost premium associated with using mass timber via its rents. Hines’ embrace of mass timber, though, is an exception.

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