‘The right direction’: new B.C. plan could actually protect old-growth forests

By Sarah Cox
The Narwhal
February 16, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

A “war in the woods” has simmered for decades in B.C., sometimes erupting into high-profile protests and arrests. …This week, the provincial government unveiled a suite of new measures that aim to accelerate old-growth protection and broker a truce. …Conservation groups and the First Nations Forestry Council were quick to praise the new measures, although some groups are calling for faster action to safeguard what little is left of B.C.’s old-growth forests. …Ken Wu, of the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance… applauded the government’s decision to remove a clause in forest regulations that allowed timber supply to trump all other values. …First Nations Forestry Council CEO Leonard Joe said First Nations have been asking to have a seat at the table for years. “I for one am glad to see this day, to witness the province recognize the vital role of First Nations, the role that we play in managing sustainable forests.”

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