This Vancouver designer crafts story-rich furnishings from reclaimed wood

By Marina Felix
The Business of Home Magazine
August 24, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Brent Comber may not have taken a direct path to his woodworking practice, but since the beginning of his winding design career, his native Pacific Northwest landscape has been a constant variable in all that he does. About four decades ago, Comber’s career began in garden design. …In the first few years of his garden design practice, Comber continually came up against a shortage of options to furnish these outdoor spaces in line with his aesthetic vision. …Comber has always been handy, and as he learned the woodworking techniques necessary for his growing furniture design practice, a great deal of the process was trial and error. …And around 2008, Comber’s garden design business was phased out, and art and design became the sole focus. Comber’s wooden furnishings possess a raw, elemental feeling that comes from the simplicity of form and the prominence of his chosen material—reclaimed wood from local Vancouver sources.

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