This Weekend We’re Celebrating a Private Forest Champion

By Andrew de Vries, CEO
Canadian Forest Owners
March 8, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

From his hometown in New Brunswick, Canada to the far reaches of Nepal, Peter deMarsh was a champion of local communities and family woodlot owners, mobilizing the advancement of sustainable forest management in countries across the globe. On the fifth anniversary of his death, family woodlot owners around the world are remembering an exceptional human being—a modest, humble man whose wisdom recognized one simple truth: Family woodlot owners are uniquely qualified and in the best position to sustainably manage our natural resources, because they have an intimate knowledge of the land, which is often passed down from generation to generation. Like the 450,000 forest owners Canadian Forest Owners (CFO) represents, Peter was a landowner. He was also a forest advocate. …Canadian Forest Owners is proud to remember Peter and his tireless efforts on behalf of communities across Canada and the international forest community. Each year, CFO offers two bursaries to celebrate Peter’s memory.

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