Timber management should include ecoforestry philosophy

By Bernard Juurlink
The Times Colonist
December 23, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

In 1937, Ernest C. Manning, B.C.’s chief forester, told the Vancouver Board of Trade that “our forest resources are our real central bank. … Keep the assets in a productive state and do not dissipate the capital.” In 1939, in his annual report to the legislature, Manning said: “We are turning capital into revenue. We are creating barren lands.” Despite this warning, B.C. continued to maintain unsustainable forestry practices, resulting in much of B.C.’s “capital” being turned into revenue. Most of our iconic high-value old-growth forests are gone. The recent letter “North Cowichan could sell its forests” supported management of our forests that would include spraying forests with glyphosate to kill deciduous trees… [and] replace naturally regenerated mixed forests with monoculture plantation forests. …We need to “manage” our forests using ecoforestry approaches. A good example of this is the Wildwood Ecoforest at Yellowpoint.

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