Tolko Industries wants salvage timber and reduced stumpage

By Ken Alexander
Quesnel Cariboo Observer
November 7, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

…Quesnel mayor and council agreed to take a message to Forests (FLNRO&RD) Minister Doug Donaldson’s staff on behalf of Tolko Industries Ltd. Mayor Bob Simpson asked Tolko’s Tom Hoffman what message he would like him to give to them. Hoffman said … “We need to access to burnt timber and it’s imperative to have a salvage plan, and time is of the essence. …It is going to be expensive to harvest and mill burnt wood, he added. …Gerry Mooney, Tolko’s woodlands manager – harvesting for the Cariboo, talked about the salvage plan. …“We’re open for business and we’re looking at opportunities to continue fibre up that mill. “We want our workforce to stick with us. We want those guys who have left the community to realize there’s a future here with Tolko and that we’re committed to fibre up this facility.

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