Tree faller Darren Emerson remembered as loving dad

By Sandra Thomas
The Sunshine Coast Reporter
June 20, 2024
Category: Health & Safety
Region: Canada

Darren Emerson

“He really loved logging and woodwork and he built these little secret benches that he left everywhere and I go to them sometimes,” says Melissa. “Wherever there was a good view, he put a bench.” After building a bench, Darren Emerson would carve a “D” into it, so Melissa knows when she’s found a bench built by her dad. …Darren Emerson was a subcontractor working as a faller at a logging site near Egmont on the Sunshine Coast when he was killed in the accident, Jan. 24, 2022. A WorkSafeBC investigation into Emerson’s death, which recently concluded, resulted in $2,500 fines for both Suncoast Industries Inc. and subcontractor Forestech Industries Ltd. WorkSafeBC determined the accident was caused in part by insufficient supervision, the fact the undercut to the tree was too deep, the tree was heavily rotted, and the lack of a wedge, which may have prevented the tree from sitting back and breaking off.

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