Trump’s tough trade talk targets Mexico but his actions are hitting Canada

By Evan Dyer
CBC News
October 8, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

Almost every rally during Donald Trump’s campaign for president featured two bogeymen who were harming the United States and who would be put in their place if he were elected: Mexico and China. …And yet, since taking office in January and appointing Wilbur Ross as secretary of commerce, Canada has received more attention. …Canadian trade consultant Peter Clark led many Canadian trade negotiations as a public servant. He said the answer is simple: The Americans fear Mexico more than Canada. …Clark’s view is that Canada could benefit from ditching its polite and reasonable approach and imitating Mexico’s more hard-nosed tactics, targeting the elected officials who are pushing a protectionist agenda. “There are 25 key supporters of the U.S. Lumber Coalition. I would go after each of those senators, and start to make life miserable for the exporters from their state.”

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