Turning Brazilian Farmland Back Into Forest Gains Some Traction

By Paulo Trevisani
The Wall Street Journal
June 18, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

BRAZIL — New investment is going into transforming swaths of Brazilian farmland back into tropical forests, following a backlash against projects that claim to protect existing forests. Pledges to protect the world’s forests, a major carbon sink, have been under attack, as accusations fly of doctored results and thin science. But as those projects come under increased scrutiny, money is flowing into others that regrow native vegetation. And despite a spate of greenwashing scandals, Brazil is at the center of these efforts, with its vast territory and many degraded areas in need of revival. …In a sign of growing support for forest restoration, Brazil’s BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group will provide tech giant Microsoft with 8 million tons of carbon offsets through 2043 from a project in Brazil’s Cerrado savanna, in what would be the biggest-ever contract of this kind. [to access the full story a WSJ subscription is required]

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