Two Canadian producers on next steps following softwood decision

By Tamar Atik
Wood Business – Canadian Forest Industries
November 3, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

Canadian softwood lumber producers Western Forest Products (WFP) and Interfor commented in separate news releases on the U.S. Commerce Department’s final decision to apply subsidies to all Canadian producers. …“Interfor is of the view that these duties imposed by the U.S. are without merit and are politically driven,” the company stated. …WFP stated it has mitigated the duties by increasing lumber sales to China. …“As we expect retroactive duty application to be reversed, consistent with the results of past softwood lumber disputes, we will recognize the retroactive duties as a deposit only upon payment,” WFP said. …“Interfor intends to vigorously defend the company’s and the Canadian industry’s positions through various appeal processes, in conjunction with the B.C. and Canadian governments,” Interfor said.

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