Two-thirds of single-family homes started in 2022 came with porches

By Paul Emrath
NAHB – Eye on Housing
November 7, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States

Porches have been a popular home feature, consistently ranking in the top 10 in the NAHB surveys of recent and prospective home buyers published in What Home Buyers Really Want. And porches remain as popular as ever specifically on new homes, according to NAHB tabulation of the latest Survey of Construction data. Of the roughly one million single-family homes started in 2022, the SOC data show that 66.4% came with porches. This is the highest the share has been since the re-design of the SOC in 2005. …To build their new home porches, builders continue to use concrete more than any other material on a square-foot basis—except in New England, where treated wood, composite, natural stone, and PVC or other plastics are each used more than concrete.

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