University of Georgia study says biomass energy not feasible in U.S.

By Olivia Adams
The Red & Black
October 15, 2017
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States, US East

Wood pellets used for biomass energy, an alternative to fossil fuels, are produced right outside of Athens, but do not expect to see biomass energy adopted here. Those pellets are shipped straight to Europe, and new University of Georgia research shows why. “With global warming, we really want to reduce carbon emissions,” said Dr. Richard Bin Mei, co-author of a study on biomass-produced electricity. “In the United States, unfortunately, we do not have the mandate or government subsidies, so our study looked at whether it is economically feasible to co-fire wood pellets with coal to produce power, and the answer is no, unless the government does the same thing as the EU.” …They determined that it is economically prohibitive to convert coal firing plants to biomass in the United States without government subsidies.

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