Unanswered questions over why forestry giant Ernslaw One lost environment label

By Eloise Gibson
Radio New Zealand
February 21, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Ernslaw One, a Malaysian-owned forestry company, lost its badge of environmental sustainability. The loss of a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) labelling is a big deal for a timber exporter – it opens access to overseas markets, and pops up on timber products in stores. Given that the badge is supposed to prove a forest is under responsible management, some green advocates were surprised when Ernslaw managed to keep its FSC label after being found to have broken environmental law, over devastation from its forestry slash. Ernslaw is appealing the decision, stating the issue stemmed from 2018 storm damage. …the audit was carried out by SGS, a contractor responsible for certifying Ernslaw’s New Zealand’s forests as meeting FSC’s standards. …SGS implied some new information had arisen about Ernslaw that led to the suspension, rather than any problems with SGS’ processes. …FSC replied to inquiries that it was “not informed” of the suspension, or the rationale.

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