Under Armour’s Baltimore headquarters: Why Mass Timber is Key to Fast-Track Build!

Wood Central
June 14, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

Eight years after Baltimore-based Under Armour bought waterfront land for a new global headquarters, it has a move-in date! The first wave of corporate workers will relocate in November to a purpose-built, five-story building nearly complete and, importantly, two months ahead of schedule! The secret? A mass timber design that allowed crews to reduce bottlenecks and deliver the project at a rapid pace! …The 26,012 square metre building is made from cross-laminated timber as part of a wave of mass timber projects now sweeping the American South. Spearheaded by Gensler, it is setting new standards for combining cutting-edge design, sustainability, and efficient construction techniques. …However, the standout feature is its cross-laminated timber structure, an unusual material choice for such a high-profile project in the city. …While the project is one of the architect’s largest mass timber commissioned, Gensler has been involved in over 100 projects, representing millions of square metres.

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