University of Kentucky arborists cultivate an unforgettable on-campus experience through urban forestry

By Charlsie McKay
RFD-TV (Rural Media Group)
December 14, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

LEXINGTON, Kentucky — Urban forests are more than a collection of trees. To those who maintain them, they also embody a unique mindset and a thoughtful perspective viewing urban spaces as integral parts of larger forests and regional ecosystems. This is the philosophy guiding the team of arborists at the University of Kentucky, a dedicated group of professionals committed to shaping the campus environment beyond the confines of buildings and classrooms. For the team of UK arborists, and the many who appreciate and utilize the green space — the urban forest surrounding the University is an essential element of the campus experience rather than a mere backdrop. The trio of full-time campus arborists wears multiple hats in their endeavor to nurture the University’s urban forest. 

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