Update on old-growth forest amendment

By Chris French, Deputy Chief, National Forest System
US Department of Agriculture
April 15, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States

Chris French

In Chief Moore’s January message, he talked about the notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement to amend all 128 forest land management plans. This proposed national amendment would create a framework that can be applied to local ecosystems to conserve and steward old-growth forest conditions. I know many of you have questions about what’s being accomplished and what this means for your forest or region. A national old-growth amendment website is now available to serve as a resource for those who may have questions. …While I acknowledge change can be challenging, we are actively improving our integration of Indigenous knowledge as a source of best available science. …Throughout this process of developing a national amendment, we are working closely with forests, states, counties, tribes and Alaska Native Corporations. I cannot emphasize enough the value we place on grassroots-level input and the recommendations of those who are closest to the land.

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