US campaigners call on UK public for support over alleged impact of Drax plant

By Rebecca Speare-Oole
The Standard
March 1, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East, International

Campaigners in Mississippi have called on the British public for support amid claims that community members are suffering health issues after a nearby Drax-owned wood pellet plant breached pollution rules. Krystal Martin, a resident of Gloster in the south-eastern US state, said the detrimental impact to the community caused by the nearby plant “should not be allowed”. …Residents from Gloster – and other US communities near wood pellet plants – have long been campaigning against the alleged environmental and health impacts, calling on the UK Government to end biomass subsidies that help to support the industry. Ms Martin, who runs a local education non-profit, said it is not known if the health issues are directly linked to pollution from the plant but cited consensus that VOCs can cause or worsen various conditions. …Drax has disputed claims that its operations are having adverse impacts on communities.

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