US scientists develop “nanoscale” coating to combat spread of fires

By Ben Dreith
Dezeen Magazine
September 4, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

A team of scientists from universities in the United States have developed a silicon-based coating that can help stop the spread of fires by preventing materials coming in contact with flame. The coating was developed to slow the spread of fire by limiting the amount of combustion that happens on a molecular level as fires start to spread. …North Carolina State University’s Martin Thuo said, “​​Fire is like a three-legged stool. You need oxygen, fuel and heat. But all these are resting on a set of pretty complex chemistry. … By using a chemical process and working at the molecular level, Thuo and his team have found an application for a material. …”The oxygen cannot go through this material,” he told Dezeen. “And the transfer of the heat is also not that efficient.” …Thuo also believes that the coating could be used in ways that would help in the fight against wildfires. 

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