USDA Forest Service: More than 36 million trees died in California in 2022

By Brody Adams
ABC News 10
February 7, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new report from the Forest Service says 36.3 million trees died in California in 2022. The high mortality rate is due to a multitude of factors, with the drought being the foremost issue affecting tree health. The ongoing drought and overcrowded forests exacerbate the likelihood of trees succumbing to disease or becoming infested with beetles. Even with the recent storms from atmospheric rivers, increased tree mortality should be expected in forests until precipitation returns to normal or above normal for a few years, according to the Forest Service. …The survey is conducted via the Aerial Detection Survey program. True firs species were the most impacted, especially in the Central and Northern Sierra. 2021 saw the death of 170,000 Douglas firs while 2022 saw 3 million Douglas fir deaths. …The Forest Service estimates over $500 million total funding for wildfire-related projects in California through 2026. 

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