US should unblock mass timber, incentivize adoption of new building code

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February 20, 2024
Category: Today's Takeaway

The Federation of American Scientists say the USDA should unblock mass timber by incentivizing adoption of the new building code. In related news: Utah developers pivot to mass timber; and light-frame wood construction may help solve Toronto’s missing-middle. In Business news: Interfor experiences a kiln fire in Bloomingdale, Georgia; Philomath’s sawmill closure is Oregon’s third this year; Universal Forest Products’ earnings drop in Q4, 2023; and US custom home building slows after recent gains.

In Forestry/Wildfire news: implementing UNDRIP sparks public debate in BC; firefighter attrition may impact Ontario’s pending wildfire season; union reps doubt Ontario’s effort to combat firefighter smoke exposure; the real story behind Oregon’s wildfire funding bill; and a podcast on firefighting health risks from firefighter gear. 

Finally, after 50 years, NatureServe says the US Endangered Species Act needs an upgrade.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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