Valley of the Giants, home to some of Oregon’s largest trees, closed by huge debris flow

By Zach Urness
The Salem Statesman Journal
May 23, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

A massive debris flow has brought a long-term closure to the Valley of the Giants, a popular hike through some of Oregon’s oldest and largest trees in the Coast Range. In early December 2023, heavy rain triggered a flow that obliterated part of the North Fork Siletz River Road. It’s the final stretch in a network of remote roads leading to the trailhead west of Falls City. “It’s the biggest (debris flow) that I’ve ever seen on our lands,” said Andy Frazier, supervisory forester for the Bureau of Land Management’s Marys Peak Field Office. “It was massive. After it happened, we were standing on the road culvert and (the debris) was 15-20 feet above our heads.” The road and trail are closed and not likely to reopen for multiple years, Frazier said, adding, the debris flow started somewhere high above North Fork Siletz River Road.

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