Wall Street Journal Gets Carbon Storage Wrong

By George Wuerthner
The Wildlife News
December 28, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States

The Wall Street Journal’s December 21, 2023, editorial board wrote that Biden’s New Forest Plan will “lead to more uncontrolled fires—and won’t help the climate.” The WSJ is upset that the Biden Administration plans to ban logging of old-growth forests on national forest lands. …The WSJ disputes the assertion …that old-growth forests capture and store CO2, thus slowing climate warming. The editorial is full of the usual industry rhetoric that national forests are “overgrown” and need to be logged to be “healthy.” And they quote from none other than Senator Steve Daines of Montana that green groups will use the new policy to stop “fire mitigation projects,” i.e., better known as logging projects. Advocates of thinning as a fire prevention measure seldom consider the loss of carbon and trees that result from logging. In many instances, far more trees are killed by “chainsaw medicine” than results from even severe forest fires.

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