We don’t all have to love the environment the same way

By Patricia Lane & Emily Huddart Kennedy
The National Observer
January 28, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

The University of BC professor Emily Huddart Kennedy’s recent book Eco-Types helps us understand five ways of relating to the natural world. …Those I call “Eco Engaged” experience a fragile planet in need of protection from human destruction and disregard….Those I named “Self Effacing” share this concern, and admire the “Eco Engaged” but doubt their own efficacy. “Optimists” believe they live on a planet that is so strong and resilient that humans are largely inconsequential. “Fatalists” worry about environmental degradation and are angry with what they perceive to be corporate abuse of the natural world, but they don’t trust government or business to do what is needed. …Finally, the “Indifferent” love the natural world but don’t see it as their task to be informed or to act to protect it. …Want to know your eco-type?

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