West Fraser CEO warns of long impasse in softwood dispute

By Brent Jang
Globe and Mail
October 24, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

Ted Seraphim

The U.S. lumber lobby is unwilling to compromise in the Canada-U.S. softwood dispute, a stand that points to a long impasse in the trade battle, says the head of Canada’s largest forestry company. …A breakthrough to strike a new softwood pact has proven to be elusive. “We would not be optimistic about a settlement in the short term, and I don’t think NAFTA helps at all in that regard at this point,” Mr. Seraphim said. …”The real question at the end of the day here is the coalition ultimately is the decision-maker, at least at this point in time in the U.S., and they haven’t shown a willingness to effectively negotiate.”…”Frankly, given that we’ve been able to pass along most of the duties, I think patience on the Canadian side will be a virtue in the long run,” Mr. Seraphim said. …Looming large is the Commerce Department’s deadline to make a final determination on punitive duties on Nov. 13 – less than three weeks away.

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