Western Retail Lumber Association urges federal government to kill the carbon tax as major issues loom

By Grant Cameron
Journal of Commerce
June 10, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

The Western Retail Lumber Association is tackling a couple of major issues that will have an impact on the lumber, building materials and hardgoods industries across the country. The association is worried Canada’s rapidly rising carbon tax will have a negative effort on the industry and further erode the ability of individuals and families to purchase a home. It is also concerned about a looming labour shortage due to employee retirements and is working to recruit more youth by increasing awareness of the opportunities that are available. The association sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau urging the federal government to kill the carbon tax, arguing that manufacturers and distributors will pass costs on to retailers which will thwart new home construction due to higher costs for lumber. …According to the letter, another increase in the carbon tax will only push home ownership for Canadians further out of reach.

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