What Advantages Do Cross-Laminated Timber Structures Offer in Modern Architecture?

By Reginald Davey
AZO Build
February 12, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a relatively recently developed construction material that is growing in popularity in some sections of the construction industry. …This variation of one of the oldest building materials in the world – timber – has its origins in the work of German engineer Julius Natterer in the 1970s. …CLT possesses some noteworthy benefits for architects and project managers. Firstly, its aesthetic qualities make it an exceptionally beautiful building material. Secondly, if constructed properly, it has excellent strength and dimensional stability. Another benefit of CLT is that it is much lighter than other structural materials, such as steel and concrete. Whilst not as fireproof as concrete, CLT does have some fireproofing capabilities. During a fire, the outer layer chars, protecting the internal layers for a period of time.

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