What the fibre sourcing data in B.C. tells us about wood pellets

By Gary Bull, Brad Bennett, Jim Thrower, and Jeremy Williams
Prince George Citizen
October 25, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

Recently there have been many discussions of the use of fibre from B.C.’s forests for bioenergy. Biomass is already a mainstream source of renewable energy in B.C., as well as in many other jurisdictions… At the heart of the current debate in B.C. is the question of whether forests are being logged to produce pellets. Earlier this year, the Wood Pellet Association of Canada commissioned us to analyze government and industry databases of wood harvested in BC, confidential commercial data, and independent third party audit reports in order to evaluate what feedstock types are used to produce pellets. …No one else has gone to this level of detail to substantiate the source of B.C. wood pellets. Our report findings were clear: 85 per cent of the fibre for pellets comes from the by-products of sawmills and allied industries, and the remaining 15 per cent comes from logging debris and low-quality logs.

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