What we know: What’s next for logging of Yellowwood Forest and $150K offer to preserve it

By Sarah Bowman and Emily Hopkins
Indianapolis Star
November 13, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources sold the rights last Thursday to log on nearly 300 acres in Yellowwood State Forest as nearly 200 protesters looked on, calling on the state to save the trees.  The highest bidder: Hamilton Logging, Inc. out of Martinsville with a bid of roughly $109,000.  Although the timber sale is complete, there are still many questions about what this means going forward and how opponents are still trying to intervene before the first tree falls.  Here’s what we know about the timber sale and the efforts to stop it.  …Antes said the $150,000 offer to preserve the forest is still on the table. He and Bartlet are working to set up a meeting with Holcomb to see if he can negate the contract with Hamilton Logging, Inc. and accept the offer. 

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