What you need to know about Canada’s record-breaking wildfire season

By Beatriz Silva
The National Post
July 7, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada has already broken its historical record for total area burned during a single wildfire season, with months of hot weather still to come. …The National Post’s Beatriz Silva spoke to experts about what makes this wildfire season different than previous years and what could be causing the fires. How bad is this year’s wildfire season compared to previous years? Canada surpassed its known historical record for total area burned by wildfires in one season on June 27. With months to go in the 2023 season, 8.8 million hectares of land have burned so far. The previous record was 7.6 million hectares during the entire 1989 season. The 10-year average is just 805,196 hectares per season. Besides the sheer number of fires, this is also a record year for evacuations. An estimated 155,856 people have been forced from their homes under 132 evacuation orders across the country. …What pollutants are in the smoke and where will it travel next?

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