Why forest service firefighters are prepping now for wildfire season in California

By Lora Painter
ABC News 10 San Diego
April 8, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

CALIFORNIA — Peak wildfire season in California is a few months away, and the wet weather could create more fuel to burn when that time comes. Despite rain and snow still in the forecast, firefighters are preparing now for wildfire season, and new changes are coming to the firefighting workforce. With fires growing in size and duration and the needs and costs for staffing, the U.S. Forest Service is pivoting to a new business model it says will offer more flexibility when responding to wildfires. “In order to keep that workforce going and to continue to feed the system of leadership throughout the workforce, we’re constantly bringing in new folks,” said Alex Robertson with the U.S. Forest Service. There’s been a growing strain on the wildland firefighting workforce as fires become larger and more involved. In past years, a shortage of top-level type 1 teams has resulted in type 2 teams taking on bigger assignments.

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