Why not do more to protect the Salish Sea?

By Laurie Gourlay
Victoria Times Colonist
October 8, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

About this time last year, the Royals were flying over the Salish Sea to Victoria …to endorse the Great Bear Rainforest and announce the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy — uniting 53 Commonwealth members in conserving forests for future generations. They recognized the importance of protecting 85 per cent of the forest and 70 per cent of the old growth. And they acted to protect cultural and natural heritage, freshwater, ecosystems and wildlife habitat. …But what about the nine million Canadians and Americans who will be living in and around the Salish Sea by 2025? …Maybe this fall, when the Oceans Protection Act, Fisheries Act and Canada’s heritage are deliberated and debated in the House of Commons, we should ask our elected representatives about their priorities. Why not the Salish Sea?

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