Wildfire officials concerned over ‘very little precipitation’ in Calgary Forest Area

By Michael Franklin
CTV News Calgary
June 4, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Alberta Wildfire says another unattended campfire could have led to devastating circumstances in the Calgary Forest Area this weekend. Officials say on Sunday night, a campfire was left burning near Fisher Creek, west of Millarville, and spread while it was abandoned. A team of four wildland firefighters attended the scene and put it out before it grew too large. Officials say the conditions are ripe for wildfires in the region. “Very little precipitation has been registered in our gauges over the past week leading to a slow climb in wildfire danger. Although the heavier fuels remain moist, fine fuels are drying out and can support fast moving surface fires,” officials said. The wildfire was limited to 0.2 hectares in size. Meanwhile, a wildfire north of Ghost River, detected last week, has been extinguished at 6.06 hectares, the agency said. More than two dozen wildland firefighters and two helicopters were deployed to fight that fire.

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