Wildfires increasing across eastern US, new study reveals

By University of Florida
December 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

In a new analysis of data spanning more than three decades in the eastern US, a team of scientists found a concerning trend—an increasing number of wildfires across a large swath of America. “We have a rising incidence of wildfires across several regions of the U.S., not only in the West,” said Victoria Donovan, lead author of the study. “We’re allocating the majority of resources to fire suppression in the western part of the country, but we have evidence that other areas are going to need resources, too.” The study, “Increasing Large Wildfire in the Eastern United States,” was published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Their findings indicated increasing wildfire risk across the southern and eastern portions of what’s known as the Eastern Temperate Forests, an area that roughly bisects the country from Michigan in the north to the eastern half of Texas in the south.

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