Women lead fulfilling careers as architects and engineers

By Peter Caulfield
Journal of Commerce
October 19, 2017
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

Tanya Luthi

Jana Foit

This article describes three women who are immersed in the construction industry through their careers as engineers and architects. The profiles describe why they decided to embark on their careers and the fulfilment they get out of their jobs. …Jana Foit, architect: …Today she specializes in post-secondary education institutions, such as the UBC Earth Sciences Building, a five-storey structure that is the largest panelized wood building in North America. …Tanya Luthi, structural engineer: …Luthi said Fast + Epp offers New York something it lacks — expertise in mass timber construction. “There are many structural engineers in New York, but there isn’t much competition in mass timber construction,” she said. “And there is a growing appetite for wood in the U.S.”

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