Wood processors welcome govt’s forestry plans

By Lois Williams and Bridget Mills
Radio New Zealand
October 26, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Northland timber millers are praising the new government’s plans to invest in forestry. The industry has been warning of wood shortages and job losses because so many forests have been harvested early for log exports. The managing director of Whangarei’s Rosvalls sawmill, Mark Hansen, said the plan to re-establish a forest service, plant more trees and ensure a domestic supply of timber, was extremely welcome. He said wood processors had been hoping New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ strong support for the industry would translate into gains post-election, and they were also pleased that Northland New Zealand First MP Shane Jones was to be Minister for Regional Development. “We are pretty impressed with what we’re seeing, and this will help some of the long-and medium-term issues for us,” he said.

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