Wooden-framed high rise marks shift in future of building design and construction: ‘A building can be fully made out of wood’

By Jeremiah Budin
Yahoo! Life
February 22, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Wood may be viewed as a more old-fashioned type of building material, but wood skyscrapers may actually be the buildings of the future. And now, one renowned Japanese construction company has recently completed a fully wood-framed tower near Tokyo, as Bloomberg reported. Obayashi Corp. completed Port Plus, a training and education facility in Yokohama using a technique called mass-timber construction, which uses thick, compressed layers of wood that create strong, structural load-bearing elements that rival materials like steel and concrete, according to the information platform naturally:wood. Unlike steel and concrete, though, wood is a much more planet-friendly building material. Per Bloomberg, Obayashi estimates that building Port Plus generated the equivalent of about 2,500 metric tons (more than 2,750 tons) of carbon dioxide, whereas making the same building out of steel would have resulted in 4,200 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The same building made out of concrete would have generated 8,600 tons.

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