Wooden high rises gain popularity as climate solution

By Francisco Camacho
E&E News
June 3, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

Mass timber buildings generate 26 percent fewer emissions than steel ones — and offer aesthetically pleasing office space. At first glance, 80 M St. looks like an ordinary building, at home in the sea of offices that populate Washington’s Navy Yard. But it stands alone in its use of a timeless material: wood. The building contains the first office in the nation’s capital made from mass timber. Looking to entice tenants after the pandemic leasing slump, owner Columbia Property Trust added a three-floor wooden overlay on top of the seven-story building. The experiment was a success, reflecting the growing popularity of mass timber in high-rise buildings. Proponents say the trend could help the country — and world — address climate change, with buildings acting as a carbon sink, storing the carbon dioxide that trees absorb during their lifetimes. [to access the full story an E&E News subscription is required]

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