Woodland Almanac: Spring 2024

Woodlots BC
June 9, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Read about Reece Allingham’s experience as a young woodlot licensee, from wildfires to managing for biodiversity and wildlife. Being a woodlot licensee has shaped how Reece operates in life and business. Whether he is packing around tree seedlings or apples or one of his 3 young children, he knows that his hands-on involvement today is an investment for the future.

  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Open Fire Policy Change
  • Fuel Hazard Abatement Assessments
  • Budget and Work Plan
  • Safewoods Bulletin
  • 2024 Woodlots BC Conference
  • Gearing up for Wildfire Season
  • Contractor’s Corner
  • Stephanie Mooney Retirement

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